. . . wretched refuse of my teeming resonance. (2012) for stereo playback



. . . wretched refuse of my teeming resonance. (apologies to Aesop Rock) is my first composition in many years for fixed media. Whereas previous attempts in the medium were somewhat abortive musically (i.e. lacking form, development, a sense of pitch relationships, a rhythmic profile, general cohesiveness, and proper mixing), I was determined that this time around things would be different. Fueled by that determination (and Jim Beam), I set out to coax as many interesting sounds as possible from my 5-string banjo; variously employing a violin bow, coins, golf balls, a giant foam finger, screws, a guitar slide and, eventually, an empty whiskey bottle. Restrictions were placed on gratuitous processing and reverb was deployed only in the direst of circumstances; the end result a kind of sonification of my insecurities in the realm of the acousmatic.